Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's been a while!

So I apologize to all of you who have checked my blog a few times looking for new posts just to find out that I haven't added anything new in over a month! And once again I'm going to pack this post with all of the stuff that has happened..... I'll start with Roberts 3rd Birthday. We had a great time at the park with all of our friends and family.

Then on Sept 15th he had his first day of preschool!

This is Teacher Katie! She is such and awesome teacher and we love her!

Then we had the Buddy Walk... this one was our 3rd. It's always so much fun. This was his first year walking it and he did about 2/3 of it! Thanks to all of you who came to show support!

Then we have the Pumpkin Patch.... I think this is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. We have a new tradition with our family. Roberts parents, my parents, and my brothers family all go together. Then we come home to eat my Chicken Fiesta Soup and everyone makes there own Caramel Apple!

Well there is still more to come! But it is Midnight and I have to get up and take the little man to school.... so to be continued!


Jayme said...

YES!!! Finally you get to blogging again. I always love to see the pics. I love your family SO much. Hugs and kisses. xoxo

Patrick and Paige said...

Such Cute pictures. I love the pictures of his school. He looks like he loves it there. That is such a blessing. love you guys and love the pictures. keep them coming!

Robert Lathrop said...

Good job blogging babe.

Carrie said...

What a glorious day to look at your blog and find a new post! :) I almost didn't look. Ha ha! I loved to see his school pictures (as well as the other ones). Now for some Halloween pics!!!