Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A little over a month ago my mom, dad, monkey, and I were out getting my dad tomato plants. He asked me if I would want a couple of them for my patio, and I said sure. Anyway..... the patio that he had his on at their apt. gets hardly any sun, and ours gets tons. So naturally mine was growing like crazy and his was still small. He decided that he would bring his plant over to share the sun that mine was enjoying. There is quite a difference in the size of them as you can see. They are in the same pot have the same soil.... his just needed more sun.

Now here's what I don't understand. Mine has tons of blossoms....and had for a while. Those blossoms are suppose to turn into itty bitty tomatoes. They haven't! My dads plant (the tiny one) has a tomato! What the heck!? The other funny thing is that his looks a bit yellow and like it's having a hard time. Mine is supper green. Some of my blossoms just look dead now. And a few have fallen off. It's frustrating!

I've also planted a few other flowers. They seem to be doing pretty good.... aside from the bugs that were attacking them. I sprayed them and they are starting to recover. You can tell what side of the large pot gets most of the sun. I just turned it today.

I hope my tomato plant doesn't just produce flowers! I want some tomatos dang it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well.... last weekend Robert and a group of friends went backpacking....after several things went wrong they came home a day early. On the way home he called me and told me to pack up the Monkey and everything we would need for a 1 night camping trip. So I did as I was told and Robert, Monkey, Dave and I were off to the campsite. (Carrie and Gabriel would meet us later) On the way Dave called Jayme and Jeb to see if the wanted to join us. I was so excited when she called back to tell us they were going as well. The next day we went down to the river for some swimming!

The Water was freezing but felt so good. Robert, Jayme, Jeb and Dave jumped off of a large rock into the water. And we all took turns taking a small currant down part of the river.

Gabriel wanted to get in with everyone......but baby Robert wanted nothing to do with the cold water.

It was a great day! Hopefully we will be going there again soon!

I got Tagged!

Up until about a week ago or so I was carrying around this huge diaper bag.... talk about bringing the kitchen sink with me! Anyway, so I decided to start using my purse instead..... it's way smaller! There are the occasional trips where I take the larger one. Anyway, so here's my purse!
My wallet
Roberts wallet....we went out last night and he always gives me his stuff
2 hair bands
A Tampon
My Keys
Roberts Keys.....again he gives me his stuff!
Chap stick
2 Diapers
2 blockbuster online movies to take back to the store
2 pens
Weight Watchers point counter
Weight Watchers weight tracker
Weight Watchers flavor straw
2 old Weight Watchers name tags
A Fa fa........ (pacifier)
Granola Bar
Fish crackers
fruit snacks
Baby Roberts Insurance card
And 2 Safeway Receipts

You should have seen what I use to carry in that Huge diaper bag!

PS Jayme! I have a new blog for you to read!