Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st Snow Day!

It was so exciting to wake up to snow on Sunday morning! Our little man was so excited when he looked out our back door. He stood there for the longest time! So I got him and I bundled up and we headed outside. Daddy Robert was already outside helping the guys he works with shovel snow from the walkways. We walked outside and he was super excited until we walked out onto the snow. He didn't like walking in it.... and he wouldn't if I let go of his hand. He had fun though.

Monday was his first official snow day from school! Most kids are super excited when they find out it's a snow day.... my little guy could care less but Robert (daddy) was excited.

Yesterday was crazy! It snowed all day and didn't let up until dark. I can't believe we have gotten this much snow. Normally I'm so excited about the snow, but there has been a lot of ice. And there is still so much to do before Christmas and our car isn't good for driving in this stuff. Oh well.... what can you do.

I hope everyone that has been in all this snow is staying warm!


Patrick and Paige said...

cute pictures. I love his hat.

Jayme said...

I'm so excited you got some great snow pix up. You little man is too cute!!!