Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mickey Takes A Bath!

Lately Robert takes 1 of his 9 Mickeys almost everywhere he goes. Yesterday morning he had been carrying the 1st mickey we bought him (which is so dirty I'm somewhat embarrassed that he goes out in public) all over the house. I walked in the bathroom and asked him if he wanted to take a bath. Of course he nodded yes, so we started to take the jammies off. (he's still holding Mickey) After I take one arm out of the jammie's he switches Mickey to the other hand and pulls the other arm out. Now I'm not sure what I was thinking at this point because usually I would have set Mickey outside the bathroom door. Anyway we get all the clothes off and his diaper and I put him in the tub. (again I still don't notice or think about Mickey) So I step out the door to grab a towel off the table (don't worry I didn't really leave him,our dinning room is outside the bathroom!) and I hear this loud splash. This wasn't his typical toy splashing, or leg kicking sound. And then I finally realize what he was playing with, MICKEY! Oh well, Mickey needed a bath anyway!

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Patrick and Paige said...

SO FUNNY!!!! Well, That's one way to get him clean. HA HA HA HA. Love the pictures