Saturday, November 7, 2009

Roberts 4th Birthday!

I know it's been a while since we celebrated.... but I have been so bad at posting so I'm trying to catch up.

Roberts 4th Birthday Party
Sept 12th

There were lots of goodies!

The Kids had a ton of fun playing in the FOUNTAIN!

I didn't think Robert would be so into it.... but he was drenched before I could change him into his swim shorts!

They had fun on the playground... (though I don't think much time was spent here..... the fountain was much more fun!)

They threw water balloons!

They wend fishing and caught buckets of goodies!

We sang Happy Birthday .... but mommy couldn't find the candle! (when we got home I found it in one of the bags!)

Then it was time for presents!
Thanks to everyone who came! We had such a great day with all of our family and friends!

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