Monday, March 21, 2011

I love this little man!

Just a few things I LOVE about YOU little man!

Instead of signing thank you when we give you something you have asked for..... you tilt your head up and pucker up for a kiss!

I know that you wish your little sister would go away... but when you do want to be around her you are soooo sweet to her.

You always are wanting to go buh bye.... it breaks my heart when I have to tell you no, after you have brought me your jacket and shoes.

You love to dance! 

I love how when you need attention from either daddy or I and we are holding Maddi, you ask us to give her to the other. Then as soon as our arms are empty you are right there ready for loves.

You are such a snugly little guy! I can always count on a hug or a kiss from you when I need it. Well almost always.



Patrick and Paige said...

So sweet. I love this post and I love your little man too:)

Anonymous said...

Annette, what a beautiful post, made me tear up, good job!