Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My little Monkey is finally starting to take a few steps on his own now! He is almost 3 and is just now getting to this point in his life. I was begining to think that he would never get here. Each day he gets better and braver. I find him taking a couple steps here and there trying to get to toys or different areas around the house. He also kind of said his 2nd word. The first was Mama... and now he says mo for more. We've been doing signing with him for a while and now when he does the sign for more he says I love it!

There have been times where I have gotten very frustrated because he is so far behind "normal" kids his age. But I just need to be patient and let him do it when he is ready.
It seems like because it is harder and takes longer for Robert to do some things, I get really excited about all the little things he does. There is not one thing he learns to do that I don't go crazy about. I find some people looking at me funny when I get excited and say oh Roberts doing this or that. I don't think people realize that there are a lot of small things that he has to work at a lot harder then most, and that's why I act the way I do.

He is starting Early Childhood Development classes in Sept. He will be going 2 days a week for 2 hours each day. I am going to be a wreck!


Carrie said...

That's so great! He was so cute when I came down tonight. Just laughing and laughing at who knows what! ?? I'm stoked for him (and you)!!

Jayme and Jebediah said...

Anette this puts a smile on my face... to hear you so happy. I've seen you be so hard on yourself sometimes, but just know I think you are an amazing and great mother and you are going to appreciate the little things that much more then the rest of us. Love you and SO proud of baby Robert.

Patrick and Paige said...

You will be fine!!! it will be good for him. He will love it! He will get there like you said, just might be a little slower than others. I think that is awesome. So excited for him to be learning new things.

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! Just keep teaching him, he'll get there. Do you still go the support groups that my friends Kristian and Jamie do? Or were you ever even going in the first place? I thought you said you did. Anyway, keep it up!